The Groom’s Suit and the Wedding Theme

There are different kinds of suits which are suitable for different kinds of occasions. In fact, there are even different kinds of suits for the same occasion. Here are some hints on what a groom should wear on his wedding day, every suggestion being suitable for a different theme.

For instance, if you have decided to have a classic wedding, you should definitely go for the classic black or beige suit, which you can wear with a tie and even with a wide belt. Also, a tuxedo would be nice and classic. Whatever you choose, the tie-bow and the belt should have the same colour as the suit.

If you are having an urban wedding, you have to choose your suit very carefully. Forget about the one you wear every day at the office and buy a more sophisticated one. You can also wear a vest and cheer your outfit up, but you can also choose a tie in the same colour as the shirt. The effect will certainly be a very interesting one.

If you prefer a more original wedding, you can choose to go with the traditions of a certain country other than yours and dress like the grooms there dress. You could go for the kilt or for a traditional costume – it all depends on the country you choose to represent, so to speak. If you are interested in a medieval wedding, you might want to go shopping for some medieval costumes.

The most important thing you have to choose is the theme of your wedding and then, you can decide on the groom’s suit that represents that occasion best. Be original and dress up properly for the “I do” part.