Sydney, Australia – The Perfect Destination For Your Wedding

Getting married in the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia is a popular choice by many couples wishing to organize the ultimate destination wedding. As a city itself Sydney offers a wide range of atmospheres, as such one is able to tailor the feel and atmosphere they are after simply by altering the area of Sydney they wish to hold their wedding. An example of this would be to hold a wedding on the northern beaches of Sydney versus a wedding held in The Rocks near Sydney’s central business district.

In comparison the wedding held on the northern beaches would offer a beautiful relaxed outdoor feel, with picturesque views, free from the hustle and bustle of the city. Such a location may appeal to a relaxed, nature loving couple looking for a wedding venue that incorporates Sydney’s picturesque landscape and offers a great place for the family and kids to play, relax and spend time together on what is a truly special day.

A location such as the Northern beaches would however be in stark contrast to an area like The Rocks. Nestled close to Sydney’s bustling central business district The Rocks offers a vibrant, full of life atmosphere that will appeal to fun and outgoing couples looking to incorporate Sydney’s culture into their wedding. The nature of such a location means on any given day there will be numerous weddings taking place, this all works to make your wedding day just a little busier, with more people around and more brides running around the streets with their Sydney wedding photographer of choice. Of course this will appeal to some couples and if a funky urban setting sounds like you then The Rock is one of many locations that will fit such a bill.

These are merely two popular Sydney wedding locations that spring to mind and offer a contrast in the feel and nature of what they provide. Whilst on the topic there are numerous other possible wedding locations that tend to be popular amongst destination brides and grooms, as such I would suggest looking into the following locations to see if they may suit the feel and tone you are after on your special day.

Locations to consider –

Watsons Bay Centennial Park The Blue Mountains Hyde Park/CBD Eastern beaches such as Bronte and Bondi Northern beaches such as Narrabeen and Manly The southern highlands The south coast and surrounding areas

Such destinations tend to be very popular for weddings and are certainly worth researching if considering a destination wedding in Sydney, Australia.

Atop of the beautiful climate and fun vibrant culture Sydney has to offer one other advantage of organizing a Sydney wedding is that there are numerous, highly skilled professional Sydney wedding photographers available to help make the most of your special day and capture all those wonderful memories you will look back upon for years to come. After all, if you go to all the trouble of organizing a wedding in one of the worlds most beautiful cities you should make sure all that effort and all those memories are preserved forever.

I hope this provides you with some food for thought and some basic information to help you on the way to organizing the perfect destination wedding. Congratulations and I wish you the best on your big day!