Picking the Right Style for Your Wedding

Weddings are so personal and unique these days that there is no one best way to do it. With so many possibilities, some brides cannot even figure out where to begin! Should you have a beach wedding, a church ceremony, a loft reception, a backyard barbeque, or something else entirely? This handy guide to wedding styles will help you narrow it down to the type of wedding which will be just right for you and your fiance.

Your everyday lifestyle is always a good place to begin when thinking about the ideal style for your wedding celebration. If you are the sort of woman who favors twinsets with color coordinated shoes, you will probably be most at home in a classic location, such as a country club. Wear a white silk strapless A-line gown, carry a bouquet of pink peonies, and dance to a big band. Other options for brides with classic tastes can include yacht clubs or formal tented weddings.

A chic loft wedding will be perfect for you if you are the ultimate city girl. If you are the one who is in the know about the coolest restaurants, the best clubs, and the latest art events, you will feel right at tome in a loft. The wide open space is ideal for a modern wedding, and the blank canvas will allow your creative side to run wild. Modern minimalist or retro-chic are two great design schemes for a loft reception. An alternative to a loft is a wedding held in an art gallery, or other non-traditional space. You may need a wedding planner to help you track down some of the off-the-beaten path venues which can host your cool and unique urban wedding.

Many brides fantasize about being married on the beach. The natural beauty of a beach location is certainly beyond compare, but there is a certain lack of control which is inherent in this type of wedding. You will be happiest with a beach wedding if you are willing to put up with a bit of uncertainty or imperfections. Before committing to a ceremony on the beach, be sure that you will be comfortable with getting your wedding dress sandy or having your bridal veil being blown into your face by the wind during the vow exchange. Beach weddings are fantastic for sun-worshipers, couples who love the great outdoors, and brides who can be flexible. A short wedding dress worn with handmade beach theme wedding jewelry is terrific for a wedding on the sand.

Church weddings can run the range from formal to low-key, but in general they are fairly traditional. The number one reason to choose a church wedding is indeed tradition, as well as your religious beliefs. If you envision a formal wedding, a church ceremony is a great way to start. Feel free to choose a wedding gown with a long train, crystal beading, or ornate embroidery for a church wedding. Add all the trimmings, such as a veil, beautiful headpiece, and handmade pearl and crystal wedding jewelry. Follow a traditional church service with a reception in an equally traditional venue, like a hotel ballroom, country club, or an historic mansion.

Very casual brides and grooms will enjoy an outdoor wedding in a site like a park, forest, or backyard. This is a terrific option for anyone who likes very relaxed entertaining, as well as for the DIY bride. A casual outdoor wedding is for you if you picture reception tables decorated with oilcloth and pitchers of wildflowers, on which guests can dine on upscale comfort foods. As long as you plan the style of wedding which best suits your taste and lifestyle, it is sure to be a wonderful celebration.