Five Cheap Wedding Ideas for Wedding Locations

There are plentiful creative ways to implement cheap wedding ideas without foregoing what is most important to you. Choosing the wedding scene is the first step in planning a wedding. Since wedding locations contribute the major amount to the wedding financial plan, it would be sensible to choose an economical wedding venues or even free! Here we provide you some cheap wedding ideas for your venues either for the vow ceremony or reception.

1. Home sweet home
Instead of paying for a venue, why not have it at your own home. You would be saving a whole lot more by having at your own house. Although this would depends on the primness of your wedding, it would definitely suit a relaxed casual affair or a BBQ wedding, however if you choose for a more ceremonial wedding reception, you will need to ponder the additional budgets involved when leasing marquees with seats and tables. Car park spaces also may be problematic if the garden is not huge enough or you have too countless visitors.

2. Consider the non-traditional
A garden’s charge rate is considerably lower than renting hotels or ballrooms. Rent out a government built hall also is economical than a private created hall although they may have to oblige to certain guidelines and procedures that may have to be tolerated by. Even consider a bed and breakfast or an art galleria or academy for your function. Try to hunt for different places to hold a reception; new places are likely to charge less and offer more rebates to interest more clients. You would need an accurate weather check if having a wedding function held in the gardens to escape the weather ruin. A night wedding party at gardens will be wonderfully lovely but a party ruined with heavy rain and mud will leave a not-so-wonderful impression to the visitors.

3. Family member residence
If you have an uncle who maintains a house with a courtyard opposite a lake or stunning view, why not demand to have the wedding declaration facing it then wedding reception can be prepared at the courtyard. This will definitely cut budget considerably (location most possibly be free!) and you get to have a wedding with an attractive view! Furthermore, you could also have a wedding at small urban instead of big capitals. The whole thing will be more cheaper anyway hence save you more money.

4. Escape Saturdays
Charge fee will be likely to bombard up even doubled during the weekends especially on Saturdays. It’s appropriate, it’s old-fashioned, and it’s what most publics are used to. And because it’s the most public day, it’s also the most costly. Try to avoid your ceremonial on Saturdays, instead try to have it on Sundays or Fridays or even at the start of school breaks. Public and bank holidays will be an excellent time to have weddings too.

5. Choose one location instead of two
Instead of taking two different spots for the interchange of vows and reception, try to arrange them together at the same location. Certain places even let you use the same location for wedding vows for free such as Dewan Tabung Haji, Kuala Lumpur. This will not only be easier for the visitors not having to travel to two separate places but be easier on the wallet as well.

Additional advice: Visitors love when they don’t have to travel among two separate places!