The 3 Top Locations For a Florida Beach Wedding

For soon to be married couples, a Florida beach wedding holds everything needed for a dream ceremony all in one location. This state has some of the most stunning beaches, breath-taking scenery, and urban luxuries in the entire world. If you are trying to decide where in Florida to hold your special day, here are three of the top choices in the state:

Amelia Island

This area is home to some of the world’s finest spas and resorts, which are conveniently located right next to flawless beaches. You can get married next to the relaxing waves of the ocean beneath the setting sun, or you can choose one of the area’s luxury resorts. This area offers a full range of activities for before and after the ceremony as well.

Amelia Island is filled with historic sites, shopping, theatres, and nightlife to compliment any style of wedding. For outdoor activities, consider riding horseback along the beach, hike, or bike through the area’s beautiful countryside. The island also offers some of the best fine dining experiences in the country perfect for your special day as well as the honeymoon.

Sanibel Island

Best known for the J.N. “Ding Darling” National Wildlife Refuge & Bird Sanctuary and the stoic Point Ybel Lighthouse, Sanibel Island offers the ideal combination of wild scenery and luxury urban amenities. The wildlife and natural scenery matches the blue waters to create a stunning backdrop for a Florida beach wedding. The local beaches are also some of the best in the world for shelling. Imagine: a romantic stroll hand in hand down the beach collecting shells as the sun sets.

The local community has everything newlyweds could want before, during, and after the wedding. Some of the amenities here include world-class dining establishments, creative and high-end shops, outdoor activities, and entertaining nightlife that you certainly don’t want to miss.

Key West

The scent of jasmine and a mix of historical and luxury buildings greet visitors to Key West. The palm trees and the back country of the area provide couples with idyllic photo opportunities for their Florida beach wedding. You can choose one of the local spas, resorts, or cruise ships to host the ceremony. After a relaxed ceremony, guests can enjoy the local bars along Duval Street the area has become known for. Guided tours are a great way for everyone to enjoy their afternoons — see dolphins in their natural habitat, enjoy the various attractions, or try you hand at sailing, fishing, snorkeling, or other warm water activity.

A Florida beach wedding provides brides and grooms with exactly what they need for an unforgettable day. There are activities, sites, and sounds to entertain and awe everyone. The hardest part will be choosing between these romantic locations.

Tips on Planning a Dream Wedding on a Budget

When we hear the word wedding, we oftentimes have the notion that it’s expensive, costly, pricey, and the list of synonyms go on. Having that dream of wedding of yours isn’t really all that impossible. You can have your way and finally bring to life the wedding which you think would remain too elusive. You deserve to have the wedding you have dreamt of for already a long time and you can really make that happen. With that driving force and the right plan you’re an inch away towards achieving that dream wedding.

Budget Planning

This is really a very important factor that must be considered. You can’t come up with a good wedding without having to spend time running over budget and the like. It is very rudimentary that the couple will really have to set aside enough time for them to discuss on how to handle the budget for their wedding as to whether they would like to have a grand wedding or just an average one but still has the posh elegance.

Religious Aspect

The couple also has to decide who is going to officiate their wedding and under what religious rite their wedding is going to be celebrated. It’s good if both have the same religious beliefs otherwise they have to deliberately decide whose religion they are going to follow. This is an element which must be greatly considered.

Setting the Date

It is also equally important to carefully figure out the exact date of this big event. This must be decided deliberately because there are certain factors that may influence the outcome of your wedding. For example, if you happen to hold it on holiday vacations then a lot of guests wouldn’t be probably able to come as they are also away for a trip. That’s how the importance of deciding the right date gets in.

Wedding Theme

The bride especially gets thrilled with the wedding’s theme or concept. This just makes a lot of brides-to-be get all too ecstatic. A term “bridezilla” was even coined in the urban language for those obsessive brides wanting to have the best wedding from among the rest. As for the wedding theme, there is actually a vast collection to choose from. You can go for something contemporary or you can also go years backward to give your wedding that quaint charm.

Choose the Venue

Here’s another element that has an immense impact on the outcome of the wedding. This is also something you can flexibly modify. Some couples would want to hold their weddings the conventional way around. That means a church ceremony. Some would also want to have some modifications in it. That’s why we now have beach and garden weddings. The venue must be scrupulously picked so that it may not interfere with the solemnity of the ceremony. If you happen to hold the wedding at the beach, be sure to have a plan B just in case the weather goes bad the entourage and the guests will not drench from the pouring rain. Just make it very sure that the contingency plan is always ready.

Top Ten Tips for Perfect Wedding Day Catering

Whilst there are a thousand ways to do the food at a wedding – from fish and chip van to BBQ, from Indian banquet to a formal five course dinner – great food means happy guests, and an even more memorable day. So it’s important to get it absolutely right.

So, we have compiled a top ten tips list to get you on the right track with choosing your wedding caterer, to creating your wedding menu, and to making your wedding reception meal the best your guests can remember!

1) Budget:
There are a huge number of companies specialising in wedding catering in the UK – so make sure you start with the right one! Finalise your budget first (that will determine which level of wedding caterer you can afford), then do lots of research – ask friends for recommendations, search the Internet, and get reading your local press and wedding magazines too.

2) Theming:
Theming is an integral part of wedding receptions. Once you have decided on a caterer – spend some time thinking about theming your wedding reception – that will really dictate the kind of wedding food you want to offer your guests. Are you looking for an urban city affair with a modern, minimalist reception (how about sushi in this case?). Or will it be a rustic, seaside affair (think about local fish and seafood).

3) Wedding Menu:
If you have your theme and budget sorted, then of course it’s the wedding menu next. You need to be clear on what you would like your guests to experience – do you want to offer canapĂ©s for instance? And of course think about what actual dishes they might like to eat – chicken is always a popular wedding choice as you can be sure that most guests will like it! Remember your wedding menu doesn’t HAVE to be lavish to be good – even pie and mash can be jawdroppingly special when done to perfection!

4) Vegetarians:
Always remember to think about the vegetarians or food allergy sufferers amongst your guests. Certain religions too can only eat certain things – make sure you bear all this in mind at your wedding menu planning stage. And your caterer should be able to help you with options too.

5) Wedding Cake:
What’s next? The cake – of course! You can ask your caterer to provide your wedding cake for you, although many people now treat this part of the day as a separate entity and use other suppliers. There are hundreds of cake designers available who specialise in wonderful wedding cake marvels.

6) Timing:
This side of things is crucial to your wedding caterer too. Make sure you give some thought to the timing of the food parts of the day – will you want a canapĂ© reception for one hour? Or more? Speeches before dinner? Or afterwards?

7) Original ideas:
Adding unusual bits and pieces to your wedding reception catering really makes a difference and doesn’t have to be expensive. How about an ice cream van for dessert? Or bacon sandwiches at midnight? Foody favours can be lovely touches too – initialed chocolates or his and hers gingerbread men for example.

8) Wedding Style:
Your caterer will also be responsible for much of the wedding style too. They will be in charge of the table design and overall look and feel of the catering. China, glass, cutlery and table linen all come under the wedding caterers remit. Make sure you get to see samples of what they propose, or that you have a good idea of what you want instead!

9) Contact:
Make sure you keep in contact with your caterer in the run up to the wedding – whilst they shouldn’t be bothering you with all the minute details, you can of course keep them up to date with any guest number changes, specific food requirements, or anything else to do with the food that you may be worrying about – they are meant to be lightening your load after all.

10) Enjoy:
Finally – make sure you sit back and enjoy the day. That’s the whole point of using a good wedding caterer after all – it gives you more time to relax and let someone else do the worrying!

Still Looking for the Perfect Photographer for Your Wedding? Try These Tips!

Your wedding day is a day to remember. And what better way to remember it than by looking at the pictures taken and relive the sweet memories of that special day?

Finding the right photographer for your wedding becomes quite an important issue, especially since you need everything to be perfect. Why is it so important to choose the right photographer? When the wedding is concluded, and all the guests are gone, pictures will be the solid – and the sole – reminder of the happiest day of your life. The following tips will help you choose the perfect photographer for your wedding, so you will always remember your special day with great pleasure, when looking at your wedding pictures, years from now.

Tip #1: Connect with your photographer

How come this is the first tip? Isn’t the quality of the pictures more important? How about their reputation? Of course, these are all legit questions, and you are right to ask them. But great photographers that take pictures at weddings are now virtually everywhere and differentiating one from another may be quite a daunting task. Sooner than later, you will find yourself hesitating between various offers, without knowing which one to choose.

Leave the guesswork aside; sit down with the photographer you want to work with and see how you are getting along. Even the most talented photographer will not be able to capture that little something that makes your wedding special and unique, if you cannot communicate with them and reach the same page.

Think of this phase as of something akin to an interview. In this case, you are the interviewer and you are seeing the potential candidates to fill out one of the most important positions at your wedding.

Tip#2: Find that unique spark

As already mentioned there are many talented wedding photographers out there and choosing one can be difficult. So, we are getting back to the essential matter: you want your wedding day to be perfect, and, for that, you need perfect pictures.
Photographers are nothing short of artists, and, while they are professionals, they also have their own visions and styles. You need to find the one that has that unique spark that makes you not only connect with them, but also give you confidence that they will be able to create the wedding pictures you are dreaming of.

Tip#3: Take a look at a few complete wedding albums

Photographers will strive to impress you by showing you their best works, and this is how things are supposed to be. However, looking at separate pictures from various weddings may not give you a clear idea about the photographer’s vision. Ask them to show you a few complete wedding albums created by them. This way, you will be able to learn more about their particular style, about their care for detail and how they see a couple throughout the couple’s wedding day.

Tip#4: Learn more about your photographer’s personality

Good wedding photographers are great at what they do: taking pictures. But great wedding photographers have more than that; they know how to keep a delicate balance between being everywhere and maintain an unobtrusive presence throughout the event. To see if you are dealing with a good or a great wedding photographer, you need to learn more about their personality.

Are they pleasant and easy to talk to? Are they dynamic and energetic? (After all, they will have to run back and forth throughout your wedding day, and capture all the unique moments, and that without too much time to rest.) Do you feel they understand what you are asking?

You must ask yourself all these questions if you want to have a great wedding album to look at years from now.

Tip#5: Work with photographers that know everything about weddings

A wedding photographer is more than just someone taking pictures at weddings. The best photographers in this branch are those that know everything that is to know about weddings, especially about the most appropriate settings for taking great pictures.

Think of approaching a photographer in the same way you would a friend that can give you a lot of great advice on where to hold your wedding, what wedding venues are trendy at the moment, and many other details about such special occasions.
There is a great advantage to working with someone so well versed in weddings. Using their recommendations you and your guests will enjoy a glamorous event, to remember a lifetime.

Tip#6: Check to see if the photographer has already taken wedding pictures in similar settings

Everyone has a special preference when it comes to the setting of their wedding day. Whether you want to have a beach wedding, or you prefer an urban environment, you need to know that your photographer will be able to show you pictures taken at weddings held in similar settings. This will give you quite a clear idea on how your pictures will look like, and will convince you that you are going to work with the right person.

Tip#7: Pay attention to their attention to detail

There are many things that can make or break the beauty of a wedding picture. Your wedding photographer should be a stickler for perfection, and tell you what has to be changed in order to have the most amazing wedding pictures taken.

Tip#8: Talk everything through

Remember to have all the details about your wedding album talked through. Leave nothing to chance, and choose a photographer capable to come up with the best advice on taking your wedding pictures. A photographer that is open about how they intend to work with you is your best choice, by far.

Hawaii Wedding Guide

Hawaii is one of the world’s premiere destination wedding locations for obvious reasons. The tropical paradise is a wonderful place to exchange vows and multitude of settings-from luxurious beachside resorts to quaint chapels and up-country locations-are like no others in the world.

When planning a Hawaii wedding, there are several key considerations. These include location, celebrant, photography and some of the extras that make a Hawaii wedding special.

Hawaii Wedding Locations
Each of the main Hawaiian islands have something special to offer for weddings.

Oahu has some nice wedding locations not far from Waikiki Beach and can be a good choice for those who are seeking a wedding and possible honeymoon in a more urban environment. Hotels and services are generally less expensive in Oahu, so it a common choice for more value-conscious brides and grooms.

Maui is another popular choice for weddings in Hawaii. Home to many luxurious oceanfront resorts, Maui has many splendid locations-both oceanfront and up-country. A wedding on Maui, however, can be very expensive as the accommodations, food and service providers are probably the most expensive in Hawaii.

A Kauai wedding is a good choice for those who are comfortable with a small island feeling. There are many splendid beaches and resorts in Kauai, but note that you will probably have fewer choices than you would on Maui or Oahu.

A Hawaii Island (often called the Big Island) wedding are popular due to the unique beauty and excellent locations while at the same time having many world-class resorts. Most Hawaii weddings are in West Hawaii along the Kohala and Kona coasts. The Big Island also offers a huge variety of land and water activities to make for a great honeymoon location.

Most weddings in Hawaii are just the ceremony, with the official marriage license in the home location of the bride or groom. Check the Hawaii Department of Health for information about getting your marriage license and certificate in Hawaii.

The best way to find a celebrant for a wedding in Hawaii is to look online and make some initial contacts. There are many wedding planners on all the islands if you would prefer a pre-arranged package. Consider having a celebrant, perhaps Native Hawaiian, that can add a special Hawaiian touch to the ceremony. After all, it is a shame to come to Hawaii for a wedding and not have something special from the islands.

Hawaii Wedding Photographers
Don’t make the mistake of having a relative or friend be your wedding photographer. A professional Hawaii wedding photography will have the best equipment, eye for detail and experience that will capture the moment you will only have once in your life. A professional wedding photography in Hawaii will, for example, know how and when to get the wedding party organized and staged for those all-important sunset photos. A professional will also know how to capture great sunset photos, which is not an easy task for most novice photographers.

Hawaii Wedding Extras
There are many extras that can make a wedding in Hawaii extra special. One great touch is to buy wedding rings with a Hawaii touch. For example, Koa wood, a gorgeous endemic wood to Hawaii makes for some truly spectacular wedding rings. Another great Koa wood product is handcrafted Koa wood bowls.

Leis are another Hawaiian wedding tradition that should not be overlooked. Men tend to wear maille leaf leis. It’s a nice touch to have the wedding party adorned in pikake or ginger leis.

Deciding on Hawaii for a wedding is easy. The huge number of choices can make for a very enjoyable wedding planning process. Hawaii has a lot of weddings, so you can be assured of the highest level of professionalism all around if you seek out experienced professionals.