Male Alert – Brands to Brandish in Designer Watches For Urban Professionals

When it comes to watches, you must never ever shortchange yourself. Only the best designer watches for urban professionals should find its way into your wrists since, for male professionals like you, watches are the status symbol in jewelry.

Of course, there is your platinum wedding ring, if you are married, but a diamond stud earring in one ear, heavy rings for each and every finger, and the ubiquitous corded gold necklace simply do not have a place anywhere near your professional body. Only with the best designer watches for urban professionals will you feel sufficiently comfortable to face company and to face off with company directors.

Brands to Brandish

As a budding connoisseur of designer watches for urban professionals, you will be faced with a myriad of brands. Each one has its unique merits and its distinguishing marks but you will find that each one is almost as dedicated as its competitors in bringing you the latest developments in watch technology.

You should be well-versed in the following popular brands of designer watches, though this list is not complete due to space considerations:

– Bulova watches are known the world over for their combination of outstanding durability and astounding design. In fact, a Bulova Automatic watch was dropped in 1941 and recovered in 2008 from the seabed in working condition! You also have a complete line of watches to choose from to suit your various needs – from the reasonably priced Caravelle line to the signature Bulova, from the sporty Accutron to the dressy Wittnauer Swiss.

– Fossil watches are best known for their affordable designer watches for urban professionals with the ability to surprise you with its designs. If you are the adventurous type, do not be fooled into thinking that the brand name equals stagnation. The way with which time is measured is definitely off the beaten track.

– Esq watches are designed to buck trends. When you have one, you can be sure that it will outlast any fad in men’s watches with its attention to details from the watch movement, to the watch face and the watch straps.

When you go up the corporate ladder, and consequently in financial capacity, you must invest in these expensive timepieces to make your watch collection complete:

– International Watch Company watches are to be collected for their elegance and engineering, with the company guaranteeing that it can repair any watch from every era in company history. Its most notable watch is the Da Vinci watch that is mechanically programmed to last 500 years! Be prepared to shell out more than your pretty penny of hundreds of dollars when you purchase these designer watches for urban professionals.

– Rolex watches are number one in the minds of professionals for good reasons. These are so precise that the Wimbledon and Australian Open tournaments use Rolex as timepieces and so durable that it has scaled the heights of Mt. Everest and dived the lows of the Mariana Trench. Of course, you have to pay more than the average watches since the cheapest can cost around $5,000 and the most expensive at around $30,000.

With watches, the determining factors are your preference (sporty, dressy, in between) and your budget (affordable, mid-range, stratospheric high).

Terms to You Need to Know

When selecting designer watches for urban professionals, you will be faced with watch lingo. You do not need to fret because it is quiet understandable for the most novice of laymen. You will do well, however, to know these three terms that are often the hallmarks of good designer watches for urban professionals:

– COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) translated as Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, certifies as to the accuracy and precision of watches made in Switzerland. If your designer watch has the institute’s approval, it can be rightfully called a chronometer with a guarantee of good quality.

– Chronograph is the term used to describe the timekeeping and stopwatch functions of chronometers. If you can afford it, opt for the analog chronograph watches instead of the digital kind; the latter is just so casual for office wear and it can mean laziness on your part.

– Perpetual calendar describes the capacity of wristwatches to display dates automatically. This is an important part of your wristwatch because you want to be reminded of both time and day!
Ultimately, your collection of designer watches for urban professionals should reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. You will have the confidence to look at the time and know that you are right on track.

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Picking the Right Style for Your Wedding

Weddings are so personal and unique these days that there is no one best way to do it. With so many possibilities, some brides cannot even figure out where to begin! Should you have a beach wedding, a church ceremony, a loft reception, a backyard barbeque, or something else entirely? This handy guide to wedding styles will help you narrow it down to the type of wedding which will be just right for you and your fiance.

Your everyday lifestyle is always a good place to begin when thinking about the ideal style for your wedding celebration. If you are the sort of woman who favors twinsets with color coordinated shoes, you will probably be most at home in a classic location, such as a country club. Wear a white silk strapless A-line gown, carry a bouquet of pink peonies, and dance to a big band. Other options for brides with classic tastes can include yacht clubs or formal tented weddings.

A chic loft wedding will be perfect for you if you are the ultimate city girl. If you are the one who is in the know about the coolest restaurants, the best clubs, and the latest art events, you will feel right at tome in a loft. The wide open space is ideal for a modern wedding, and the blank canvas will allow your creative side to run wild. Modern minimalist or retro-chic are two great design schemes for a loft reception. An alternative to a loft is a wedding held in an art gallery, or other non-traditional space. You may need a wedding planner to help you track down some of the off-the-beaten path venues which can host your cool and unique urban wedding.

Many brides fantasize about being married on the beach. The natural beauty of a beach location is certainly beyond compare, but there is a certain lack of control which is inherent in this type of wedding. You will be happiest with a beach wedding if you are willing to put up with a bit of uncertainty or imperfections. Before committing to a ceremony on the beach, be sure that you will be comfortable with getting your wedding dress sandy or having your bridal veil being blown into your face by the wind during the vow exchange. Beach weddings are fantastic for sun-worshipers, couples who love the great outdoors, and brides who can be flexible. A short wedding dress worn with handmade beach theme wedding jewelry is terrific for a wedding on the sand.

Church weddings can run the range from formal to low-key, but in general they are fairly traditional. The number one reason to choose a church wedding is indeed tradition, as well as your religious beliefs. If you envision a formal wedding, a church ceremony is a great way to start. Feel free to choose a wedding gown with a long train, crystal beading, or ornate embroidery for a church wedding. Add all the trimmings, such as a veil, beautiful headpiece, and handmade pearl and crystal wedding jewelry. Follow a traditional church service with a reception in an equally traditional venue, like a hotel ballroom, country club, or an historic mansion.

Very casual brides and grooms will enjoy an outdoor wedding in a site like a park, forest, or backyard. This is a terrific option for anyone who likes very relaxed entertaining, as well as for the DIY bride. A casual outdoor wedding is for you if you picture reception tables decorated with oilcloth and pitchers of wildflowers, on which guests can dine on upscale comfort foods. As long as you plan the style of wedding which best suits your taste and lifestyle, it is sure to be a wonderful celebration.

5 Reasons To Book A Pre-Wedding Shoot With Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers all over the world are embracing a new wedding photography trend, the pre wedding shoot. Many are offering a short photo shoot in the months leading up to the wedding, so that they can get to know the bridal couple and find a style that suits them. The shoot may be included in the wedding photography package or it may be an optional extra depending on the wedding photographer.

1. Get used to being in front of the camera
Pre-wedding shoots are usually fun, relaxed and informal. They give a chance for the couple to get used to being in front of the camera, to play around a bit and have some fun. There’s nothing like a stress-free rehearsal to make it easier on the big day itself, when the lens will be focussed on the bride as the star of the show.

2. Get to know your wedding photographer
Pre-wedding shoots give you a chance to get to know your wedding photographer and for them to get to know you, your style, your likes and dislikes, so that on the day itself everything goes smoothly. Building a rapport with your photographer makes it easier for him or her to get those relaxed and spontaneous photos that capture the emotion and essence of your wedding day.

3. Get some great portraits as a couple
You don’t often take the time to get professional portraits taken as a couple. The pre-wedding shoot offers a wonderful chance to get some informal portraits of you together in a location of your choice. Usually the wedding photographer and the couple will choose a location within easy distance, but after that anything goes. Edgy urban or picturesque rural, dramatic mountains or romantic sea-shore, you could set your shoot anywhere you like, even the local park or at home in the garden.

4. Try out styling ideas for your wedding
Talk to your photographer about styling for your pre-wedding shoot. This could be an ideal opportunity for a rehearsal session to try out ideas with your make-up artist or stylist if you have plenty of time to spare before the shoot. However beware of getting over-complicated at this stage, as the emphasis should be on having a fun, relaxed time together in front of the camera.

5. Pre-wedding shoots are often part of the package so come at no extra cost
Quite a few photographers offer the pre-wedding shoot as part of the wedding package, so it costs you nothing to do. You don’t have to order prints from this shoot unless you really want to, and it is the printing that costs. What you do with the photos from your shoot is up to you. You could post them on Facebook or put them on your wedding website, if you have one, to share with your friends and family. Or you could select a few images to add to your wedding album or photobook. Even when a pre-wedding shoot isn’t included in the wedding package, photographers will usually be happy to charge a very reasonable rate for a weekday shoot, if you are booking them for your wedding.

After your pre-wedding photo shoot you and your wedding photographer will have had a chance to get to know each other and can define the style that will be right for you on your wedding day.

Becoming an Urban Pioneer

Urban pioneering is taking the best ex-industrial spaces and products to create unique, distinctive homes that reflect the marrying of the old and new, while protecting and utilizing the integrity of both. An urban pioneer looks for large empty buildings to make their home or business while keeping the original elements that are safe, visually appealing, useful, and fun.

With the decline in manufacturing in the 1950’s and 60’s, empty warehouses, schools, factories, and office and retail spaces opened up the opportunity for cheap rental spaces. These spaces allowed for the first true urban pioneers to establish an imaginative and trendy style that is still alive and growing. By keeping the exposed brick walls, and wood or concrete floors, as well as the duct work and pipes that were left in the buildings, new and beautiful spaces could be created. Plenty of light flooded these spaces due to the expansive windows originally installed.

Renovating an old building can be daunting and expensive nowadays but well worth the effort. Breathing new life into formerly unused buildings is not only good for the building, it brings a sense of uplifting pleasure to those who live and visit the home or business. It renews the neighborhood and the people who live there, adding beauty and style. It allows the owner and designer to keep a bit of historical architecture while using new processes to preserve them. It can even add new revenue to the neighborhood by adding a bar, nightclub, restaurant, or even a rental venue for weddings and such. The opportunities are endless for these vacant buildings.

The urban/industrial style has led to the manufacturing and reproduction of industrial pieces that were popular in this bygone era. From lighting, to seating, to dining tables and accessories, there are a plethora of products that will look great with almost any decorating style. You can find fun pieces to incorporate into your home by looking for reproductions or shop the salvage and junk yards, garage sales, and flea markets for a special piece. An aged and worn look is what makes these pieces stand out and adds character and charm to any home when placed in just the right spot. Searching is half the fun, but the finished look of the room is what will grab the eyes, so search for pieces that speak to you.

We understand that the industrial style is not for everyone. The fact is, most people like the look and feel of something new. Personally, I love holding on to a special aged treasure that reminds me of times gone. I also really enjoy shopping for creative and imaginative items designed for today’s spaces. Whatever your style, I hope you stay open enough to open your home to a bit of the past by seeking out a few urban elements or industrial furniture piece.

Tips to Determine the Right Type of Weddings Venue

If you are looking to cut down on the budget of your wedding, then the first thing that you should concentrate on is the Weddings Venue. The location of the wedding is the important factor in wedding. However, it is the backbone of the wedding event. If you don’t choose the right location, you may disappoint your guests. If you want to give your guests a royal treatment, then you got to find a high quality venue at an affordable price. Even if you run short of money, don’t compromise on the quality of the venue.

With an increase in the wedding hall rental rates, people are looking for alternative ways to celebrate their wedding. A wedding at a magnificent hall in a metropolitan area will cost you heavily than a wedding at a high quality hall in an urban or outer area. So if your guests can commute far, you can have your wedding in an outer area.

If you are too specific about having your wedding in a metro, then you can choose other places like night clubs, restaurants or golf course area to conduct your wedding. If you are looking in particular for a wedding hall, then you can choose a newly opened venue rather than going for a venue that is in wedding business for a longer period of time. Another alternative to save cost is to book for wedding packages. These packages save you a great deal of money. By choosing wedding packages, you also get a chance to personalize your wedding according to your needs.

If you have difficulty in finding a weddings venue at your budget, then you can hire the services of event planner. The event planning company has dedicated professionals who come up with a solution for you. They take down your requirements and help you in finding the right type of venue that fits your needs. They also help you in decorating the venue by making necessary arrangements. These companies charge you with a cost based on the type of event planning service.

There is another important aspect you got to look for while deciding on the venue. You have to determine the number of guests prior to deciding on the type of venue. This will help you in deciding whether to go for a larger venue or a smaller venue. Also, it will help you decide on the seating arrangements.

A wedding without proper seating arrangement will not be enjoyed by the guests. So, you have to make sure that you have the right number of seats. The seats have to be arranged in a fashion that everyone should be able to have a clear view of the wedding from their seats. There are lots of event planning software tools that will help you in planning the seat arrangement for your wedding. Most of these software tools are offered for free online. You got to make the right inputs to figure out the appropriate seating arrangement for your wedding. Some online tools also help you in comparing various weddings venue and help you find the one that best suits your budget.